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How to manage files and folder types in Windows Xp

Friday, January 23, 2009

A collection of data on a document is called a file and the name which is given to that file is called as file name. An extension of 3 letters is given to that file, which determines the file type,

Like .xml, .html, jpeg, txt, doc and there are other extensions also. We use folders to save a group of files. Windows allows you to configure a number of file options that govern how Windows displays, and allows access to all files and folders collectively.


These files and folders have some attributes which controls how windows display or allow access to these files and folders.

Ø  File Encryption - There is a file attribute that allow users to protect their files and folders by making them unreadable by someone else who is not provided with the access. This is known as File encryption.

Ø  File compression - By compressing a file we can increase the amount of available disk space by giving the users ability to save data on a hard disk.

Ø  Disk quotas – It allows admin to control how much disk space is still available by any particular user and he has the authority to prevent any user from occupying space in hard disk which may cause computer problems.