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Windows XP Technical Help

Friday, July 22, 2011

Microsoft released the Windows XP operating system in 2001 and continues to offer several sources of technical support. Windows XP users can find information within the "Help" section of their computer and online, and can contact technical support with questions about advanced issues.


To view computer help in Windows XP, click the "Start" button and then select "Help and Support." A window will open displaying help topics such as computer information, networking, hardware, and performance and maintenance. Access Windows XP troubleshooting programs and diagnostic tools by clicking on the "Fixing a Problem" link.


As of 2010, Microsoft offers an online support center to assist with Windows XP problems (see Resources). Help is available through articles containing information on error messages, program updates and common issues. Microsoft technical communities offer a forum to exchange information, find answers to questions and discuss problems.

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How to Encrypt Files in Microsoft Windows

Saturday, July 16, 2011

File encryption is a method of making files unreadable to other users of your computer system. Encryption is an excellent way to add security to your data. The following steps will explain how to encrypt files using the Windows XP Encrypting File System and the factors to consider when doing so.



Use a version of the Microsoft Window XP operating system other than the Home Edition. The file(s) you wish to encrypt must reside on a disk formatted in the Network File System. This is an option available when formatting a drive. You will be prompted to convert your hard drive to NFS when installing Windows XP.

Check your hard drive to ensure it is not compressed. There is generally little reason to compress a hard drive these days. The cost of storage is almost always less important than the reduction in drive performance that compression causes.

Visit the Microsoft Web site to learn more about performing your own technical support.


Right mouse click on the desired file or folder to bring up the content menu in your browser.

Select "Properties."

Click on the "Advanced" button at the bottom of the dialogue box.

Check the "Encrypt contents to secure data" box and click "OK" twice.

Choose to encrypt the file or entire folder when selecting a single file or choose to encrypt subfolders when selecting a folder.

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Microsoft's Tech Support Options

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Microsoft operating systems include complex applications and programs, advanced user interfaces and other services that sometimes causes problems for the user. In the event that a user cannot solve the problem on his own, Microsoft offers several technical support solutions for Microsoft products. Depending on the type of problem, one of these services may be more useful than another.

Microsoft Fix It
Microsoft "Fix it" is a free service that can diagnose and repair problems in Windows, Internet Explorer, Media Player, Xbox and Zune, Microsoft Office and Windows Server. Fix it is for Windows XP and Vista users, as Windows 7 users have a built-in diagnostic utility. To use Fix it, the user selects the Microsoft software that he is having problems with, and then selects the common problem that the software is experiencing. The tool displays a list of solutions. When the user clicks "Run Now," Microsoft Fix it runs a script that tries to fix the problem.

Microsoft Answers

Microsoft Answers is a tech support site where people can ask specific questions about Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and the Zune. Microsoft employees, tech support specialists, and uses that have experienced similar problems answer questions. When a user enters a question, Microsoft Answers displays similar questions that have already been successfully answered by the Microsoft community. The user can still enter his question in the space provided, upon signing in with his Windows Live ID. Microsoft will email the user after his question receives answers.

Microsoft Help Blog

The Microsoft Help Blog is run by the Microsoft Developer Network, which includes many of Microsoft's software developers. The blog features posts that offer helpful tips and tricks, technical articles and how-to instruction guides. A blog post, for example, may teach people how to download software on their operating system, how to fix activation errors, how to improve battery life or how to reinstall an operating system. Commenting on the blog posts allows users to correspond with Microsoft developers concerning a specific issue.

Microsoft Customer Service and Support

Microsoft's Customer Service and Support is also available to help users with questions about Microsoft products and services. Accessible by telephone call, the representatives either provide support options or find the appropriate support team to answer user questions or resolve technical support issues. For general customer service questions, the representative may also direct the caller to a website that answers the question. Technical support may require self-help and assisted support with a professional via email or chat to make sure the problem is fixed.

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